Virtual Therapy

Virtual therapy can be provided for all adult and pediatric services. Clinicians use dynamic client-centered digital tools and manipulatives to engage the client during therapy.

Many families choose virtual (tele therapy) for the following reasons:
-Safety during COVID-19 pandemic
-Convenience! Great option to save time and energy by receiving therapy in the comfort of you own home, or anywhere you have internet connection.
-Children enjoy it! The use of interactive technology entices clients to participate, sometimes better than in-person therapy.
-Studies have shows that children benefit form virtual therapy, just as much as in person therapy. Please see article:

-Virtual therapy is endorsed by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)

We Also Offer

In-Home Therapy

Adult and pediatric services. We will provide therapy in the comfort of your own home

In-Office Therapy

Traditional option for individuals seeking treatment for communication and language disorders

Holistic Therapy

Adult, pediatric and special needs yoga.
Aroma Therapy
Sound Bath

Parent Training

Training for parents, teachers and service providers to help to enhance communication abilities

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